Anna Pillot teaches barre fitness, flexibility classes, handstand/inversion training, and trapeze instruction throughout the New York capital region. Anna also offers one-on-one and small group personal training sessions in the greater Albany, NY area. Classes can be geared to any level, and can be offered as one-on-one sessions, small group sessions, ongoing classes or workshops. Contact Anna for more info and rates. Anna is an ACE certified personal trainer, a Deflying Fitness certified handstand and flexibility trainer, a Red Hot Barre Fitness certified instructor, is CPR and First Aid certified, and holds a B.A. in dance performance and choreography from Hope College.

Aerial Coaching:

Have you ever wanted to try trapeze? Now you can! Aerial arts are a great way to build strength, flexibility and have fun while you're doing it! Anna offers coaching in single point trapeze and aerial hoop in private, and semi-private sessions. She also offers artistic coaching sessions for those working on aerial choreography and artistry. These classes are appropriate for anyone and can be geared to absolute beginners and up!

Barre Sculpt:

Drawing on her dance background and trapeze training, Anna blends ballet barre with strength conditioning for a challenging workout. Barre with Anna is a sculpting workout for the entire body, using small isometric movements to create lean, dense musculature and movement control. All levels are welcome.

*Deflying Fitness Flexibility Classes:

Andralyn Zayn of Deflying Fitness developed this class from a combination of gymnastics, dance, circus, martial arts, yoga, and pilates. Devoted to increasing your flexibility, this course goes very well in combination with yoga, dance, or any other cross training activity in which you stretch as a warm up to maintain your flexibility during the week. However, if you only have time for this class you will still notice a major difference in your flexibility by the end of the 9 week session. It is appropriate for all ages and flexibility levels- absolute beginner to contortionist!

*Deflying Fitness Handstand Classes:

Improve your posture and overall body strength with Deflying Fitness handstand training. Handstand training programs cater to all levels, so whether you’ve never done a handstand or want to perfect your technique, Anna can help! Learning how to do proper handstands is an essential part of circus fitness training, and it’s also great for dancers, yoga instructors, and everyday people! Why not try a fun and challenging new way to get stronger?

*Anna is a certified Flexibility and Handstand instructor through the Deflying Fitness certification programs. Visit for more information on all that DF offers!