Circus Performs on the Uncle Sam Bike Trail

Marquis Productions Circus Troupe will be performing in support of the 2016 Collar City RAMBLE activities on the Uncle Sam Trail. This adult and kid friendly event will be sure to surprise and delight those who find themselves visiting the trail. Bring the family, take one of the guided hikes up the trail and enjoy the circus!

Level: Kid Friendly and Fun for All!
Time: 10:00 to 2:00 PM
Location: The Underpass to the Entrance of the Oakwood Cemetery at 101st Street

Description: A Variety of staged performances including the artists doing animation/ambient work to create an atmosphere. Performers include:

Anna Pillot: (Dance / Trapeze) During the history tour as guests arrive to our location
Shane Miclon: (Juggling) Following the history tour and before the nature tour
Elliot Higby: (Contortion) During the nature tour as guests arrive to our location
Cooper Stanton: (Tissu/Ribbon Suspension) Following the nature tour

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